OHCG Teacher Training/TTEC

Our teacher certification programme in traditional rug hooking provides you with the knowledge and resources to teach everything from fine shading to wide cut. You will develop the skills to create lesson plans and deliver a course – whether it’s a regularly scheduled class, a weekend workshop, or a week long school.

We have the resources to help you deliver shading instruction to students who might like to try it. You don’t have to be an expert in shading to teach but should have the overall knowledge on how to do it and be able to mentor your students in various shading techniques. Traditionally, shading was done in a fine cut piece but it is now appearing in the wider cut pieces as well.

As primitive and wide cut hooking has a large following in the rug hooking community, we offer a course on teaching wide cut hooking where you will have an opportunity to design and hook your own piece. Here, you will learn about the tricks and techniques that are incorporated in a wider cut hooked piece.

It is important that you develop course outlines and learn about how to deliver your lesson plans in a classroom setting and in a home setting environment. Each student is unique and all learn differently – some are visual learners and some are audio learners. During the teacher training process, there will be discussions on how to teach and the necessary tools required.

If you meet the following pre-requisites for the programme, please consider becoming an OHCG Certified teacher:

Admission Requirements

An applicant must:

  1. Be a member of the Ontario Hooking Craft guild
  2. Have a minimum of three years hooking experience
  3. Have completed a fine shading course consisting of the rose, a morning glory, and a daisy with a variety of shaded leaves, in accordance to the OHCG Teachers’ Branch TTEC fine shading manual. This is not to be your first beginner shaded piece.
  4. Have a sponsor who is prepared to play an active role in the application and certification process.
  5. Have submitted the pre-admission requirements as listed below.

Pre-Admission Submissions to the TTEC Committee

  1. A hooked small leaf sampler (details will be sent to the applicant) illustrating mock and fine shading.
  2. A signed letter of sponsorship by an active OHCG Teacher.
  3. A second completed rug for viewing by the committee – the student’s choice.
  4. A portfolio which demonstrates experience in many styles of rug hooking (wide-cut, fine-cut, pictorial, oriental, geometric, etc). The portfolio should consist of photographs of a variety of rugs, accompanied by details as to the designer, teacher, cut used, size of piece, date completed and close-ups of a variety of finishes.
  5. Have completed a minimum of three rug hooking courses of different subject matter, preferably from different accredited traditional rug hooking teachers. Proof can be in the form of a certificate from the course or a letter from the teacher.
  6. Provide a letter of introduction or resume to the TTEC Committee.
  7. Submit a completed application and a cheque for $50.00 payable to the OHCG Teachers’ Branch. This deposit is non-refundable.

Please follow the link below to download an application package.

Jayne Nevins
Chair, Teachers Training Education Committee


Click here to download the TTEC Training Info PDF