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2023 OHCG Virtual Annual: And Into the Forest We Go...

2023 ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Mark your calendars for April 22, 2023! We are thrilled to present “And Into the Forest We Go” as the theme for the 2023 conference. Think of the views of the forest you can present: from inside, from outside! How about the elements that make up the forest: trees, leaves, animals, birds! The possibilities are endless for inspirational classes and creative rugs with a true WOW factor so start planning those theme rugs now! As an added bonus, April 23, 2023 is Earth Day! The conference will be another virtual event, and we’re hoping that branches or groups can gather to watch the conference in a communal setting. It’s way more fun to watch things as part of a group. Ideally branches can organize a hook-in day with vendor(s), and maybe even a short workshop, and the Annual Conference can be a part of that. Talk to your branch or area rep today to see if this is a possibility. Not part of a branch? Maybe you could organize a small gathering with your friends and watch it on a big screen TV in your home. Volunteers: We are looking for members to join our dynamic 2023 Team. For further information, please contact Annual Advisor Dianne Algera or Jennifer Wiber. How to Get Ready? - Plan your theme rug. - Plan to renew your membership early in 2023 (if you don’t renew, you don’t get an invitation). - Plan to include your latest completed projects in the branch and/or judged displays. - Determine if you or your branch can host a hook-in on the Annual Day. - Consider volunteering to join the 2023 Annual Committee.

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The OHCG regrets to say that the OHCG Fall School for October 2022 has been cancelled due to low numbers. Plans are for the Fall School to return in 2023, if you have suggestions for the Fall School, please bring them forward to Suzanne Chaddock (OHCG President) at suzanne21@rogers.com
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The OHCG has many talented teachers in its midst and we hope you will be able to take advantage of their skills and experience at some point in your hooking projects. Our teachers offer classes in their homes, in community centres around the province and many teach classes all over North America.

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