Updates & Corrections

Updates & Corrections

When any corrections or updates to the OHCG newsletters, website or Facebook page are reported to me, I will make every effort to correct the information and present it here. Errors of omission, names that might have gotten mixed up, incorrectly named or attributed rugs… please email me.

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  1. admin says:

    Pg. 14: Prescott Hoops & Hooks report was repeated in Rideau Valley Boots & Baskets. The RVBB Spring report should have been: “How exciting it was to see the Friendship rug come to our group. Loretta Moore is pictured working on the rug. We look forward to the return of our snowbirds , so that we can begin a series of mini workshops. Everyone loves learning and seeing new ideas. We will also be hosting our annual auction April 21. Who can’t resist adding to their stash? A big welcome to all of the new members that have joined us this year”.

  2. admin says:

    Pg. 15: Rug identified as “Bird on a Limb” (left), is actually Diane Rennie’s pattern, “Two Fat Birds”, from Loretta Moore at Hooked on the Lake. It was hooked by Lise Noakes (not Annmarie Wilson), of the Waterside Ruggers.

  3. In the OHCG Fall newsletter, I mistakenly attributed memories of Jeanne Field to Anne Boissinot, but the submission “Memories of Jeanne Field as my Mentor” was from Mary Lou Justason. Probably a few heads being scratched out there, as Anne never moved to Barrie. Apologies for the slip-up.

  4. My apologies for the erroneous posting of a Moira Mat Makers hook-in for 2017. It was info from 2016.

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