OHCG Rug Registry

OHCG Rug Registry

The Rug Registry Program


Working to Preserve the Cultural Heritage of Ontario Rug Hookers


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In 2008 the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild initiated a program to preserve our hooking heritage and the Rug Registry was launched. The Registry is designed to capture images of our art form, and the provenance that accompanies each hooked piece. We collect information on rug ownership, the rug maker’s history, and a detailed description of the rug (or hooked article). This includes such data as what type of fabric or backing is used, how the rug is finished, the condition of the piece, and whether or not it has undergone any repairs.


How You Can Contribute


Whether you have a unique piece, one that has been passed down in the family, or an item you have hooked yourself, please contact us. This is not only a chance for you to share your rugs and stories – it is helpful to the Guild in creating a picture of our artistic history. As you may know, there are few published works on rug hooking in Canada and most rugs reside in private collections. The Guild is interested in compiling our history and making it available to both our members, and those whose interests lie in researching such items. Were most articles self-designed? What were the most common patterns in use at a given time? To answer these, and other questions, we need your contributions. If you are an OHCG Member, any rug or hooked item in your possession may be registered in the Program. Also, non-members can submit a rug to be registered.


Join the OHCG in preserving the history of rug making in Ontario. Fill out the form listed above and send it to the Rug Registry Advisor.


You do NOT have to be an OHCG member to submit a rug for the Registry.


For more information contact Ruth Mclean at ohcgrugregistry@ohcg.org

OHCG Fall School & Annual Conference

The Theme for the 2018 OHCG Fall School in Ancaster is "Birds of a Feather"; Oct. 25—28, 2018.
"Birds of a Feather" is the Competition Theme for the 2019 OHCG Annual Conference. running April 12—14th, 2019. Rug Display open to the public Sunday, April 14, from 10am to 3pm. $10 admission fee.