Resources for Rughooking

Resources for Rughooking

There are limitless resources on the world wide web. People who are just starting out can certainly benefit from the following websites, blogs and videos. There are many many more, but here are a few of them:


Rug Hooking Daily is a free rughooking forum with over 6000
members. Rughookers their challenges and triumphs, often posting photos of rugs as they progress from a pattern on linen, rug warp, monkscloth or burlap, to their individual rug, mat or hooked accessory. The forum is lively and highly informative, presented & hosted by Heidi Wuulfrat of London-Wul Fibre Arts, in Moncton, New Brunswick.


The Welcome Mat is another forum begun by a Canadian, Wanda Kerr, likely known to you from her dye columns in Rug Hooking Magazine. There is a charge for membership to TWM, with loads of information and sharing, some free lessons and patterns for members. Other more in-depth lessons require a further fee. TWM, like RHD, is instructive, collaborative and supportive. Wanda lives and dyes in Wiarton, Ontario.


One of Canada’s well-known and respected rughookers (primitive style) is Deanne Fitzpatrick. Her studio is in Amherst, Nova Scotia, where she sells glorious wools and her iconic (primitive) patterns. She blogs, has educational videos on YouTube and teaches rughooking.


Another big name in Canadian rughooking is Doris Eaton, also from Nova Scotia – she has an interesting version of finishing hooked rugs, called the Eaton edge – here’s a video.


If you are interested in dyeing your own wool and fabric for hooking, Lucy Richard of The Wooly Mason Jar (Moncton, New Brunswick) has a popular method of stress-free dyeing. As Lucy says: “Using only 3 ProChemical acid dyes warm primaries (plus a little brown, black and grey), we go back to basics in this simple painterly style of color wheel dyeing. You can learn the color wheel while dyeing and create your own beautiful palette which you will understand and be able to reproduce each of the of the 172 color swatch samples in just 5 minutes using microwave or a little longer on the stove! No math! No fancy pots, no fancy spoons, just use you mason jars along with your pinch, Dash and smidgen spoons.” She also has videos, for microwave dyeing and other methods: (Part 1 & 2)


Of course, there are many Ontario vendors of beautiful wools; please check your newsletters for their contact information.


Gene Shepherd is a California rughooker who teaches widely and has a fascinating and informative blog as well as an Internet Rug Camp (fee for participation). He lives in California. He also has numerous videos, free, on YouTube. From this one, you can quickly link to more by Gene and others.


Cindi Gay is another well-known rughooker who teaches as well as making beautifully artistic rugs. Cindi’s blog is very informative and fascinating; she is from Pemberville, near Toledo, Ohio.


Gail Dufresne is a US rughooker who has written books, teaches, designs and hooks fantastic art rugs and has a few videos on YouTube.


Heather Ritchie is one of Britain’s best known “Hooky” rug makers; this tutorial covers many aspects of making a hooked rug. Heather hooks, makes ‘proggy’ rugs and teaches in Reeth, North Yorkshire. That would be proddy, in North American terminology.


Susie Stephenson author and primitive artist, of Halcyon Yarns, Bath, Maine, shares hands-on how to hook with yarn video


Sara-Beth Black of Mountain Wool, in Asheville, North Carolina, has a video that includes hooking on window screen (for teaching purposes only), to better demonstrate what your left/less dominant hand is doing underneath as you hook with your dominant hand. Sara-Beth goes from start to finishing rugs, taking the beginner through all the steps.


Many of these resources can also be accessed on Facebook, and there are many more that could be listed. If you come across a really instructive video or blog, please let me know.

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