Newsletter Ads & Submissions

Newsletter Ads & Submissions

The OHCG Newsletter is included in your membership. Our 36 to 40 page, full-colour newsletter is printed quarterly and is full of informative articles for rug hookers. As a member of the OHCG, you may submit photos and articles to the Multi-Media Manager.


The Ontario Hooking Craft Guild welcomes all submissions.


Guidelines for Newsletter Submissions:


    • Photos are taken at the best or highest setting on a camera. Small photos make bad pictures. The lowest resolution accepted is 300 dpi–400dpi is preferred–and a larger size is preferable; e.g. 6-8″ in the shortest dimension. If image is of lower resolution, but larger physically, it may be possible to create a printable image from the file (e.g. 72-180dpi and 24-36″ wide).


    • Information needs to be typed in exactly as you would like it, although editing may be necessary, due to space restrictions.


    • Articles, Teacher or Memorial features should be up to one page, including photos, or up to approximately 300 to 500 words. Shorter articles are fine.


    • Simpler memorials can run from a sentence to be included in “In Remembrance”, to 30 to 60 words with a single photo.


    • “Sunshine Corner” notes should be brief.


    • Include your name, e-mail, Area Number, and Branch when sending stories or reports AND please include names of anyone in photos.


    • Articles etc should be submitted electronically or on CD.


  • Note: Area Representatives are to follow the format at the following link … Area Report Form is on the OHCG Forms page


Deadlines and Submissions

Please send jpg or pdf file to Multi Media Manager with information on size, and colour or B&W submissions. ALL IMAGES SHOULD BE 300dpi or higher; 400 is preferred.

Deadlines are:

Spring: February 15

Summer: April 15

Fall: July 15

Winter: October 15


Please send jpg or pdf file to Multi Media Manager with information on size, and colour or B&W submissions. ALL ADS SHOULD BE 300dpi or higher.

NOTE: Each Branch is to receive a 1/4 page free ad per year, for which high resolution images and finished texts should be submitted. The ad can be camera ready or composed by the Multi Media Manager.

Specs are: full page: 9.75″H x 7.75″W
 1/2 page: horizontal/landscape 4.8″H x 7.75″ W
    OR: 1/2 page vertical — 9.75″ H x 3.75″W (if available)
 1/4 page: portrait/vertical: 4.75″ H x 3.75″W (NOT horizontal)

Color Advertisements:
1/4 page $60
1/2 page $120
full page $240

Black and White Advertisements:
1/4 page $45
1/2 page $90
full page $180

Teacher’s ad: $30 (1/8 page, full colour)

Please note that there is a 20% discount for advertisers placing an ad in all four issues of the OHCG newsletter in one year. Payment will be required at time of printing first of four ads.


Deadlines for ads, articles and branch reports are:
Spring: February 15,  Summer: April 15,  Fall: July 15,  Winter: October 15


The Theme for the 2018 OHCG Fall School is "Birds of a Feather".
"Hooked on Waterways" is the Competition Theme for the next OHCG Annual Conference,
running May 4 to 6, 2018. Rug Display open to the public Sunday, May 6 from 10am to 3pm. $10 admission fee.