Highlights of Rug Hooking Week 2018 at Sauder Village

Highlights of Rug Hooking Week 2018 at Sauder Village

Rug Hooking Week 2018: Highlights of our trip to Sauder Village 

This past August, we had the wonderful good fortune to be invited to Sauder Village for Rug Hooking Week. Barbara Lukas, Art in Textiles, was asked to be a vendor because of her Maud Lewis line of patterns with custom dyed wool. Our Canadian folk artist was one of several special exhibitions. The movie, Maudie, was shown a few times during the week. Many attendees were learning about Maud’s story and her art for the first time. There were a number of Canadian connections; even the fishbowls from the 2018 Annual warranted a special display and shed a little spotlight on OHCG. We were delighted to be a part of the experience. 

Submitted by Barbara Lukas & Lesley Larsen


“Backlit Jack Pine” by Donna Brunner (Canada)

“Early Light” by Tena Tarler Rosner, “Deco Dress” by Cindy Irwin and “Honest Ed’s” by Trish Johnson

A Canadian Viewers’ Choice winner by Tricia Miller at Sauder Village and unidentified parrot

Previous Celebration winners: Cindy Irwin (US); “Dance of Life” by Cecile Caswel (AB); Leaf rug, unknown; and a William Morris by Chizuko Hayami (Japan)

“Brushes” pillow by Nara De Alcantara; “Oh Starry Night” ottoman by Donna Cunningham; “The Catastrophe” teapot by Lynne Howard

Another Canadian winner by Lynn Howard (title unknown)

‘Christopher Robin” by Donna Hrkman

“One Loop at a Time” exhibit at Sauder Village–Meryl Cook

“Venus” by Vall Flannigan (BC)

Shells by Val Flannigan (BC)

Tish Murphy at Sauder Village

“Google Earth” by Linda Pietz

Sauder Village exhibit of Vicki Sawyer animal rugs

Multicolores Guatemala display at Sauder Village

OHCG Fall School & Annual Conference

The Theme for the 2018 OHCG Fall School in Ancaster is "Birds of a Feather"; Oct. 25—28, 2018.
"Birds of a Feather" is the Competition Theme for the 2019 OHCG Annual Conference. running April 12—14th, 2019. Rug Display open to the public Sunday, April 14, from 10am to 3pm. $10 admission fee.